EMIFINE Heating Jackets


EMIFINE is a lightweight, highly retentive heat insulating material made of glass fiber produced using our proprietary process.

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  • 20% better heat retention than our conventional insulation material.
  • 30% lighter than conventional heat insulators, which improves installation work.
  • Its lower thermal capacity makes it an energy-saving product.
  • Can be used repeatedly as it is freely detachable.
  • Due to its excellent processability, it is possible to manufacture products with complex shapes.
  • Heat resistance up to 400℃.

*However, the 400℃ is when the insulation material cover is glass fiber coated. It varies depending on other materials and operating environment. Please consult with our sales representative for selection.


  • Heat insulation of gas piping
  • Insulation of steam piping
  • Heat insulation of heat exchange equipment
  • Heat insulation of reaction building
  • Heat insulation of transportation equipment
  • Heating of valves
  • Heat insulation of valves
  • Heating of flanges

Reference data

Energy saving comparison

The difference in power consumption between using a ribbon heater (without insulation), a jacket heater using our conventional insulation, and a jacket heater using high performance Emifine insulation for the purpose of keeping 80A piping warm is shown below.

Reference data

EMIFINE’s energy saving effect

The annual cost difference between using a ribbon heater (without insulation material), a jacket heater using our conventional insulation material, and high-performance EMIFINE insulation material to retain the heat of piping (80 A, 1,700 m, internal temperature 200℃) is as follows.

Reference data

The results above show that compared to ‘heat retention with a ribbon heater that does not use insulation material’, the ‘heat retention with the jacket heater that uses EMIFINE insulation material’ can reduce your annual energy consumption by 830,000 kW, saving you about 13 million yen. It contributes to an annual reduction of 209,000 L in terms of crude oil and 461 tons in terms of CO2.

Precautions when using this product

  • This product is for industrial use only. Please consult with our sales representative for details.
  • Use a temperature controller to control the temperature.
  • This product is for indoor use only and is not waterproof. Do not apply water or chemicals to the heater.
  • When the heater is installed, if it is not tightly sealed to the object to be heated, the heat conductivity will become low, causing overheating and early disconnection.
  • Do not store the product in a humid place, as it is made of highly hygroscopic material.
  • The glass fiber is vulnerable to abrasion and catching.
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