Stainless Steel Plate Flange Heater

Stainless Steel Plate Flange Heater


  • The heater is entirely made of stainless steel including the flange. Excellent corrosion resistance, long life, and optimum for water heating.
  • Flange is in accordance with JIS. Can be fitted immediately to the flange of the mounting part and easily installed and incorporated.
  • Equipped with a sensor protection tube, easy to control overheating and liquid temperature, and thus suitable for protecting the heater from wire breakage.
  • We accept special orders, dimensions, materials, etc.; please contact us.


All products listed are available in different voltages.

Configure of standard types
Product No. Product name Material Quantity Remarks
Sheath heater SUS316L 3 φ12 (Pickling)
Protective tube SUS316L 1 φ12 × 10 (Pickling)
Flange SUS304 1 JIS 5K 50A (Pickling)
Bakelite cap Bakelite 1 For ships
Packing - 1 Non-asbestos sheet
Tightening gland SS 1 G3/4
Dielectric strength: 1500 VAC/min.
Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ or more with a 500 VDC insulation tester

* This is a reference value, not a guaranteed value

Configure of standard types

  • Operating temperature: 100℃
  • Flange specification: JIS 5K 50A
Product code Voltage Three-phase Wattage Total length of heating TL Pipe sheath O.D./quantity Watt density
OF320 200V 2kW±10% 250mm φ12×3 About 4.6W/cm2
OF330 200V 3kW±10% 300mm φ12×3 About 5.4W/cm2
OF350 200V 5kW±10% 400mm φ12×3 About 6.4W/cm2
OF3100 200V 10kW±10% 650mm φ12×3 About 7.4W/cm2

* Heater/protective tube materials: SUS316L

* Bakelite cap is used from 2 to 5 kW.

* Aluminum cap (eyelet) is used for 10 kW.

Precautions when using this product

  • This product is for industrial use only.
  • For the power lead wire, use a cabtyre cable or a heat-resistant electric wire, caulk the tip with a crimp terminal, and securely attach it to the plug terminal. Fasten the heater completely with bolt and nut to the phase flange.
  • Do not use the heat generating part exposed to the air. This will result in overheating due to no water and cause early breakage as well as a fire.
  • Scale (stain/carbide) adheres to the heating part, so check it periodically and clean it before using.
  • Please consult us when using for heating liquids other than water.
  • Horizontal mounting is standard for the heater. Note the exposure of the heater in the case of vertical use.
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All products listed are available in different voltages.
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