R-35 sheath type resistance thermometer sensor

R-35 sheath type resistance thermometer sensor


  • Being standardized by JIS, this is a reliable temperature sensor that uses the characteristics of platinum (Pt), which has a long heat life and shows stable electrical resistance against temperature change.
  • A platinum resistance thermometer sensor measures the resistance that changes according to the temperature when low current is applied to the platinum wire or thin film, the resistance of which is kept constant (usually 100Ω), and then converts the measured resistance to a temperature value.
  • To prevent the lead wire resistance from being added, it usually adopts a three-wire design.


Configure of standard types

Configure of standard types
Sheath Sleeve Product code
Diameter Length Diameter Length
D:φ3.2 L:100mm SD:φ8 SL:36mm R35321NA
D:φ3.2 L:200mm SD:φ8 SL:36mm R35322NA
D:φ4.8 L:100mm SD:φ10 SL:40mm R35481NA
D:φ4.8 L:200mm SD:φ10 SL:40mm R35482NA
Product code R35321NA R35322NA R35481NA R35482NA
Sheath material SUS316
Lead wire Vinyl coated wire
Type Pt 100 Ω R100/R0 = 1.3851
Reference resistance Refer to JIS C1604.
Tolerance Grade B

Precautions when using this product

  • When tightening set screws (hexagon socket set screws), be careful not to tighten them so tightly that the internal components of the product are damaged or deformed.
  • If the sheath needs to be bent when it is used, consult our sales representative when placing an order.