Sheet type thermocouple “Thermocouple sheet”

Sheet type thermocouple “Thermocouple sheet”


  • Thermocouple sheet is equipped with any of the thermocouples (type J, T and K) on insulating sheet.
  • This type of thermocouple can be directly affixed to an object to measure its surface temperatures ranging from −40℃ to +200℃.
  • When a quick response is required or a target object is composed of insulating material, it can be used without the insulating sheet (glass fiber/polyimide).


Sheet type thermocouple

Configure of standard types

thermostat couple sheet
Model Types of thermocouple Operating temperature range (℃) Product code
PR6442 AJ/00 model Iron-constantan (J) (−180) −40 to +200 TCSTJ
PR6452 AT/00 model Copper-constantan (T) (−180) −40 to +200 TCSTT
PR6462 BK/00 model Chromel-alumel (K) (−180) −40 to +200 TCSTK

* -180℃ is only applicable for a short period of time in the event of absolute necessity.

Thermocouple sheet (with lead wire)

Configure of standard types

thermostat couple sheet
Types of thermocouple Types of thermocouple Product code
K type 7×7sq×2000L TCSTL
T type 7×7sq×2000L TCSTLT

Precautions when using this product

  • To measure the surface temperature, affix the thermocouple sheet by using an adhesive or bond it by applying pressure to a target object.
  • When use adhesive tape to fix, please be careful not to peel off the insulation.
  • Although the response time depends on the adhesive condition, it is approx. 50 msec, and is 2-5 msec for thermocouples without insulating sheet.
  • Care must be taken when affixing the thermocouple sheet to a target object. A layer of air between the sheet and the object significantly increases the response time.
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