Our Approach to CSR

Dissmination activities and progress

We are engaged in CSR activities based on our company motto of “Contributing to the progress and development of the country and society, achieving peace for humankind through our business” (abridged version).

1988 Sakaguchi International Scholarship Foundation is founded.
2002 Environmental policy is established and ISO 14001 certification is obtained.
2004 Participates in the United Nations Global Compact.
2008 Quality policy is established.
2011 Formulates business continuity plan (BCP) .
2017 CSR procurement guidelines are established.

About RBA * Code of Conduct (formerly EICC Code of Conduct) / Quality, Safety, and Information Security

We would request that companies who provide products and services to us should properly manage and operate according to the following points.

* Responsible Business Alliance

About RBA Code of Conduct

About RBA Code of Conduct
  1. Labor
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Environment
  4. Ethics
  5. Management Systems


About Quality, Safety, and Information Security

  1. Ensuring the safety of our products
  2. Promoting quality assurance activities
  1. Protection against computer network threats
  2. Protecting privacy
  3. Preventing the leakage of personal information
  4. Preventing the leakage of confidential information belonging to clients and third parties

Participates in the United Nations Global Compact


In January 2004, we signed the United Nations Global Compact (GC) as the 11th company in Japan to participate.
Having aimed to “run the business in a way that repays society” since it was founded in 1923, we believe that the GC philosophy is similar to that of our own.
We support the GC’s 10 principles, incorporate them into our corporate strategy, corporate culture, and daily operations, and aim to achieve management and sustainability as a good member of society.

Submission of Communication on Progress (COP)

GC signatories are obligated to submit a regular activity report, known as a Communication on Progress (COP), to stakeholders once a year.
The COP is an annual submission of a declaration of support by the chief executive and the practices of participating companies in relation to 10 principles covering the four areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption.
Anyone can check the COP submitted by us here.

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Our approach to Environmental Efforts

  • Acquisition of ISO 14001
  • Applicable standard ISO14001: 2015
  • Registration:No. 06014
  • Certification authority:Intertek Group Plc.
  • Effective date:August 6, 2026