Corporate History

Taichi Sakaguchi, the founder is born in a family of long-established rasha, thick woolen fabric wholesaler in the Kansai region lies in the southern central region of Japan's main island Honshu. Taking a cue from the inconvenience of a charcoal-fired iron used by a tailor, he develops a electric iron for industrial use with utility model. Subsequently develops a series of industrial electric heaters, and becomes a pioneer as a comprehensive manufacturer of electric heaters for heating processes in public research institutes and manufacturing.
In 2023, the company will celebrate its 100th anniversary since establishment.


2020 ・Participates in "small words tokyo,"SPACE CENTER area with heating technology to supprt the shuttle launch.
2019 ・Opens a new distribution center in Chiba.
・Participates in SEMICON JAPAN, International trade fair for semiconductor technology.
・Participates in METALEX International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technologies Trade Exhibition and Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
・Sponsors "Imagine One World KIMONO Project".
2018 ・Sakaguchi International Scholarship Foundation marks its 30th anniversary since establishment.
2011 ・Formulates business continuity plan (BCP) to prepare for major natural disasters and other emergency situations.
2010 ・The third president and CEO speaks in APEC summit to share the insights on the access to technology for SME.


2008 ・Mayumi Hachiya becomes president of the company.
2006 ・Makes a press-release of the completion of unprecedented laser heating technology as ExLASER®.
2004 ・Signs United Natiions Global Compact.


1988 Sakaguchi International Scholarship Foundation is founded by the founder Isao Sakaguchi.
1986 ・Opens R&D center in Chiba.
1973 ・Marks the 50th anniversary since establishment.
1971 ・Begins selling products of WATLOW, major electric heater manufacturing company in the authorized distributor in Japan.


1960 ・Succeeded by the second president, Miyoko Sakaguchi, Taichi's daughter.


1923 ・Founded in Tokyo by Taichi Sakaguchi.