[5 mm × 5 mm] MICRO CERAMIC HEATER series "MC0505"

Sheet type thermocouple “Thermocouple sheet”


  • Operating temperature maximum 600℃.
  • Heating element is precisely printed on the Alumina substrate.
  • Lead pins are incorporated with the substrate.


All products listed are available in different voltages.


Please replace polyimide tube with ceramic tube in case high temperature operation due to the heat resistant temperature of polyimide tube is 300℃.(Ceramic tubes are sold separately.)

Voltage(AC) 15 V
Wattage 15 W ± 25%(At room temperature)
Watt density 60 W/cm2(At room temperature)
Operating temperature 600℃
Product code MC0505

*Operating temperature must be carefully controlled by temperature sensor due to high watt density.

*Above mentioned wattage is measured at normal temperature conditions. The value will change along with the increase of temperature. Refer to below chart of resistance variation.

Reference data

Reference data1
Reference data2

Precautions for use

  • For thermal insulation and shock absorbing purpose, some cushioning material such as ceramic paper is recommended to use when the whole of heater body is covered with heated material while operation.
    Otherwise, there is a case that the heater might be cracked and/or broken due to thermal expansion of heated material.
  • Heating up and Cooling down
    Though the heaters are capable of rapid heating up and rapid cooling down, gradual fluctuation of operating temperature is recommendable.
    (Recommend:ramping up 100℃ in one minute and cooling down 200℃ in one minute or more)
  • CAUTION in colder conditions
    When heating up the heater under lower temperature than ambient, the heater resistance is decreasing and watt density will became higher.
    This may cause breaking of the heater when applying rated voltages.
    To prevent this kinds of accident, we recommend to start up from lower voltages by using transformer and increase the voltage gradually.
  • Thermal shock resistance temperature of substrate material is approximately 200℃.
  • AC (Alternating Current) to be applied to the heater.
  • Optional:Temperature controller model No. "SCR-SHQ-A2" for optimum control.
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All products listed are available in different voltages.
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