EMIFINE Insulated Jackets


EMIFINE is a lightweight, highly retentive heat insulating material made of glass fiber produced using our proprietary process.

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  • 20% better heat retention than our conventional insulation material.
  • 30% lighter than conventional heat insulators, which improves installation work.
  • Its lower thermal capacity makes it an energy-saving product.
  • Can be used repeatedly as it is freely detachable.
  • Due to its excellent processability, it is possible to manufacture products with complex shapes.
  • Heat resistance up to 400℃.

*However, the 400℃ is when the insulation material cover is glass fiber coated. It varies depending on other materials and operating environment. Please consult with our sales representative for selection.


  • Heat insulation of gas piping
  • Insulation of steam piping
  • Heat insulation of heat exchange equipment
  • Heat insulation of reaction building
  • Heat insulation of transportation equipment
  • Heat insulation of valves

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Precautions when using this product

  • This product is for industrial use only. Please consult with our sales representative for details.
  • This product is for indoor use only and is not waterproof. Do not apply water or chemicals to the heater.
  • Do not store the product in a humid place, as it is made of highly hygroscopic material.
  • The glass fiber is vulnerable to abrasion and catching.
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