Silicon Nitride Heater "MSN-1100"

Silicon Nitride Heater "MSN-1100"

MSN-1100 is an integrally baked product with a built-in highly reliable heating element capable of withstanding high temperatures of 1100℃ on a silicon nitride substrate excellent in high temperature, high insulation and thermal shock resistance.


  • Maximum operating temperature 1100℃
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion and excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent oxidution-resistance and chemical resistance
  • High surface watt density (47 W/cm2)
  • Excellent electrical insulation and withstand voltage


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Product code MSN1100
Size W17×L118×t4mm
Voltage 220V
Wattage (at 1100℃) 400W
Watt density (at 1100℃) 47W/cm2
Maximum operating temperature 1100℃
Thermal shock resistance* 600℃
Dielectric strength 1500 V/1 minute
Mounting insulator dimensions W25mm×L23mm×t12mm

* This is a reference value, not a guaranteed value

Reference data

Surface temperature characteristics by applied voltage
Resistance change characteristics

* This data was obtained by our test. It does not guarantee performance.

Precautions when using this product

  • This product is for industrial use only.
  • Use a variable transformer to perform voltage control or use a temperature controller to implement temperature control.
  • Use the heater under atmospheric pressure in the air.
  • Do not apply excessive external forces (tension, bending, etc.) to the lead wire joint.
  • Since the heater material is silicon nitride (ceramics), please handle carefully, as it may crack if you drop it or hit it.
  • Please fix the insulator part for attaching the heater. Also, please be careful as overtightening may cause damage.
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All products listed are available in different voltages.
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