SAMICON Polyimide Heater "MPI type"

SAMICON Polyimide Heater "MPI type"


  • 【Hight heat resistance】
    This heater operates in environments as high as 200℃ since special polyimide films providing high heat resistance are used for insulators holding heating materials.
  • 【Homogeneous temperature distribution】
    A paper-thin sheet of heating material evenly placed on the heaterʼ s surface. provides high heat efficiency resulting in less chance of uneven heating.
  • 【Ecologically friendly】
    The terminal structure, taking advantage of the thinness of heater, is designed to be ecologically friendly adopting lead-free soldering between a lead wire and terminal.
  • 【Low outgassing】
    The heater products very low rate of outgas as no adhesive is used to paste insulators (polyimide films). The heater is also suitable for environments disliking siloxanes as polyimide films do not produce siloxanes, which cause conduction failure.
  • 【Fast temperature】
    A very thin insulator (polyimide film), 0.2mm thick (or thinner), results in a small heat capacity and thus enables a particularly fast temperature rise.


Heater surface temperature 200℃ in standard usage.
(Depending on operating environments, operating tempertures may vary)
Watt densities ① Max:1.0W/cm2 when suspended in still air
② Max:1.5W/cm2 when fitted closely to workpiece
Insulation resistance 100MΩ or more at 500V DC
Thickness 0.2mm or less(except for lead wire joint)
Heater size limitations W20 ✕ H20mm ~ W300 ✕ H300mm

Configure of standard types

All products listed are available in different voltages.

Configure of standard types
Size Voltage Wattage Product code
A:25.4mm B:25.4mm C:200mm 28V 5W MPI-11
A:25.4mm B:50.8mm C:200mm 28V 10W MPI-12
A:25.4mm B:76.2mm C:200mm 28V 15W MPI-13
External Lead model

A type with a thermocouple is also available.
Please contact our sales department for more information.

Precautions when using this product

  • This product is for industrial use only.
  • The product is for indoor use only and not waterproof. Keep out of water or any solutions.
  • Beware it may cause an abnomally high temperature and result in a premature wire breakage, if low in degree of adhesion to workpiece.
  • Ask your sales representatives to consult with the case the heater use bonded to workpiece.
  • Do not apply excessive external forces(traction, bending, etc) onto lead wire joint.
  • Do not heat without contact to workpiece.
  • Do not place heaters on top of each other when in operation.
Inquiry about the products
All products listed are available in different voltages.
Please contact us for a custom designed quote and/or for any questions about our products.